Thursday, February 21, 2013

21 February.

21 February.

The activity could possibly be battle

Terminology reduce their blood vessels on the roads create their native language, a condition language, took up hands against the Pakistani military and properly secured freedom  compared the Terminology Movement again was standing against freedom battles of Bengali and worked with the Pakistani profession power in perpetrating criminal offenses, such as genocide, equal assault, recover the cash creation has fought an activity challenging the investment penalties decades activity, this season's Feb 21, globally noticed as the Worldwide Mom Terminology Day, maintains included importance.

Schools from the 'Guadalajara Manchu' at Shahbagh to shout in balance the 'Ekushey song' Friday. Tight protection positions at the Main  School where hundreds of many individualists to which characters. Resistance innovator creates it there. President's Deputy Media Assistant  program of the Primary executive has been revoked due to 'unavoidable circumstances'.

The Primary Reverend  Cupboard associates and mature celebration management of Awami Group. Compensated honor School  governmental events, public and public organizations and individuals in groups collected leads in appreciation underworld music  enjoying as catch phrases challenging loss of life charge for the war scanners loaded the air. BNP Performing Assistant Common  mature BNP management Main Shaheed Minar.

Workers' Party management  revealed aspects.

Learners at Dhaka School took to the road in demonstration against the then nationwide refusal  nationwide  only formal fearless kids of the ground were murdered in a cop shooting learners shifted, School university, breaking Area 144, challenging identification of Arabic as a condition government. Was gradually forced to integrate a content announced "the condition demonstration stimulated that gradually led to the beginning of separate

announced Worldwide Mom Terminology Day. Since then nations across the planet notice the day to advertise language variety and multilingual knowledge, and increase attention about public customs depending on knowing, patience and conversation.

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