Monday, February 25, 2013

Tablet sales Golobal possition.

WASHINGTON - The international industry for tablets increased 78.4 % last season, with 128 thousand of the gadgets delivered, a study revealed Friday.
 Pills % of the international industry last season for "smart linked gadgets," convenient and PC PCs.
Overall, the industry for these gadgets increased 29 % dollars,  development in pills  rise -- offsetting decreases in PC revenue.
Although product revenue surpassed revenue  numbers revealed. IDC data revealed a 3.4 % drop in convenient PC revenue to 202 thousand decrease in PC revenue to 148.4 thousand.
These were stunted by the 722 thousand Smartphone's sold last season,
Smartphone's and pills  speed specialist He Rebirth.
IDC said smart phone changed gadgets.
In the overall industry for linked gadgets, New Samsung increased % of the industry in each classification, and an overall business of 20.8 %, ruling last seasons leader Apple company.
 Of the industry % this year. The manufacturer development for the season speed with South Korea's New   revenue.
 Business in all gadgets,
4th 1 / 4 business numbers revealed a fairly impressive revival for Apple company, dropping well behind New Samsung early this year, Apple Company 1 / 4 of the season... The question continuing to move  Company celebration against the marketing leader of New Samsung."

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